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Meet Caron

Creative Executive
How did you get started at Disney Animation?

I went to film school thinking I would become an independent film producer, but I realized that working on the studio side meant I could make a difference on a larger scale. I love animation, but assumed my lack of technical skills meant there wouldn't be a place for me at Disney Animation. I interviewed for a development position at another Disney studio, but didn't land it. I was disappointed, but luckily I kept in touch with Human Resources as I gained more experience elsewhere. I had my eye set on Disney and ultimately when an opening in the development department came about, they remembered me.

Do you have any career advice?

If you interview for a position at your dream company and don't ultimately get the job, keep in touch with Human Resources by letting them know what career moves you are making. Periodically keep them aware of your growth and your continued interest. Always send thank you notes after an interview. 

What do you like about working at Disney Animation?

Being a Development Executive at Disney Animation is extremely hands-on in a way that I couldn't be in live-action. I enjoy the collaboration and working at the very beginning stages of filmmaking. Development is a lot like gardening. We are digging deep, planting seeds, and trying to create a nutrient-rich environment where something beautiful can grow.  

Do you have any favorite memories of a Disney character?

I named my puppy Jasmine because I got her around the time Aladdin came out. My cocker spaniel was a true princess.  

Where's your Hometown?

Queens, New York

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