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Our People

Meet Punn

How did you get started at Disney Animation?
This is technically my fourth time working for Disney. I started at Disney Circle 7 Animation, then I went to work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Lucasfilm Animation which would eventually become a part of Disney. After that, I was at ImageMovers Digital, which was a Disney/Robert Zemeckis collaboration, making performance-capture animated films. Eventually I landed here at Disney Animation in 2015. I had some friends who worked here, and I always kept in contact with the Disney recruiter through the years. They reached out to me. And I just never left!
What's the most surprising part of working from home?
The biggest surprise has to be the amount of work I'm able to get done from home. It was a bit tricky the first couple of weeks, but once everything settled down, I was as productive as if I was in the Studio, if not even more.
Do you have any career advice?
My advice for anyone who wants to work here one day is this... although the industry is extremely competitive, especially at a place like Disney Animation, just know that it is possible. Unlike a lot of my colleagues, it was never really my dream to work here, only because it just seemed too far-fetched that a kid from Thailand could one day end up working at Disney. But just knowing that the possibility is there is a huge step. No matter where you are now, just keep swimming. Do the work because you love the act of creating art and it will show in your portfolio. Put your work out for the public to see and don't be afraid, because art is best when it's shared. Seek out advice and feedback from the artists whose work you admire.
What do you like about working at Disney Animation?
Two things! First, I get to work with the very best people in their respective fields. I get to sit in the same room and collaborate with artists I grew up idolizing and once in a while I even give them my input on things. That's crazy amazing. Second, the fact that when I travel, I would often run into kids that tell me about how a project I worked on had an effect in their lives. That is such a special feeling!
Where's your Hometown?
I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to Virginia when I was 12, where I lived for the next 12 years. I consider both of those places to be my Hometown.
    What's your favorite Bagel from Bagel Friday?
    Toasted jalapenos & cheese bagel with plain cream on one side and strawberry jelly on the other. Smush it all together and welcome salty/sweet/spicy/umami goodness!