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Ariel, the fun-loving and mischievous mermaid, is enchanted with all things human. Disregarding her father’s order to stay away from the world above the sea, she swims to the surface and, in a raging storm, rescues the prince of her dreams. Determined to be human, she strikes a bargain with the devious sea witch Ursula and trades her fins and beautiful voice for legs. With her best friend, the adorable and chatty Flounder, and her reluctant chaperone Sebastian, the hilarious, reggae-singing Caribbean crab, at her side, Ariel must win the prince’s love and save her father’s kingdom — all in a heart-pounding race against time.

Directed by

John Musker, Ron Clements

Produced by

Howard Ashman, John Musker

Release Date

November 17, 1989


Academy Awards® Best Original Score, 1989

Academy Awards® Best Original Song - Under the Sea, 1989

Golden Globe Best Original Score, 1989

Golden Globe Best Original Song - Under the Sea, 1989


First film to use CAPS process

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