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Meet Juan

Layout Supervisor
What's the most surprising part of working from home?

I find myself multitasking much more than expected. Working online allows me to be available to do more things simultaneously.

Do you have any career advice?

Try your best in whatever you dedicate your time to. You'll never get that time back, so make it count.

What do you look for in a portfolio?

In a portfolio, I look for the ability to clearly tell a story in a visually compelling way.

What do you like about working at Disney Animation?

I love the collaborative environment at Disney Animation. Everyone here has great ideas, and I learn something new everyday.

What was your favorite Disney movie growing up?

My favorite Disney movie growing up was Bambi. It was the first movie I saw in theaters. I'm not old enough for Bambi's original release, but it was playing in Spanish at a local theater when I was about five years old. My grandmother took me to watch it.

Where's your Hometown?

Oakland, California

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