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Meet Nathan

Crowds Artist Apprentice
Looking back to when you were applying, and knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself?

Highlight what sets you apart for this particular role. Why do you want this specific position, and what skills or abilities do you have that other applicants might not?

What are you most proud of from your internship/trainee program?

I got to work on some really prominent shots in Strange Wold that I think turned out really well. One shot in particular near the climax of the film I put a lot of time and energy into, and I think it paid off! It's an important story moment, and my work fills the whole image. I can't wait to see it in a theater!

What do you like about working at Disney Animation?

My job is awesome because I get to use so many different skills I have acquired to create amazing content. I get to use hard skills when designing tools in Houdini or creating challenging, large-scale simulations for big crowds shots. And I get to use soft skills when collaborating with teammates, taking in the big picture of the film when working on my specific shots, and trying to realize the director's and crowd supervisor's vision.

What's the most surprising part of working at Disney Animation?

One of the more surprising but very cool aspects of working at Disney Animation is the relatively flat hierarchy. As a Crowds Apprentice, I was working on the same shots as veteran members of the Crowds team, and I was getting shots approved by the director of the film. Every single person who works on the film, no matter their role influences the final product. It really shows just how true the statement that animation is a collaborative medium really is.

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