Filmmaking Process


Asset Creation

The Modeling team translates beautiful concept art from Visual Development Artists into the engaging characters and intricate worlds you see on the screen. Stepping in at the beginning of the asset pipeline, Modelers work closely with various departments to ensure that each model will meet the demands of storytelling and the technical needs of production.

Character Models

Modelers create the most engaging characters by considering dimensionality, weight, and presence of how they interact with the world. Characters are sculpted and examined at every angle to ensure they look their best before progressing down the pipeline. Character models can include clothing, accessories, and props.

Environment Models

Environment models provide believable worlds to set the stage for our story. The incredibly complex 3D environments can include: natural terrain, architecture, vegetation, vehicle or prop models. Combined together, they reveal the details of each scene and show the scope and richness of the various sets.

Collaborative Efforts

Modeling requires a high degree of collaboration. Character Modelers work closely with the Visual Development, Rigging, Look Development, Simulation and Animation departments to bring to life characters with the highest level of artistic appeal and technical standards. Environment Modelers collaborate with Visual Development, Layout and Look Development to create the cinematically emotional and visually arresting worlds for our story.

Kakamora boat sculpt
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