Delicious Looking Ice Cream Effects With Non Simulation Approaches

Delicious Looking Ice Cream Effects with Non-Simulation Approaches


Dong Joo Byun, James Mansfield, Cesar Veazquez

For the ice cream effects of Zootopia, we developed non-simulation based work flows. We used 2D drawovers, deformers and textures to make delicious looking ice cream effects. 2D drawovers provided us with a solid vision of the effects we needed to create. And it helped us in designing and optimizing our tool sets. Our customized deformers let us manipulate the geometry as we wanted. Using deformers, we could make the ice cream rolling effects and ice cream dropping effects as we designed. Final detailed features were accomplished with the procedural and painted textures. These non-simulation approaches allowed us not only to do great performances but also to accomplish our creative goals of the ice cream effects.

2D Deformation
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