Enhanced Dual Quaternion Skinning For Production Use

Enhanced Dual Quaternion Skinning for Production Use


Gene Lee, Andy Lin, Matt Schiller, Scott Peters, Mark McLaughlin, Frank Hanner

Dual Quaternion Skinning (DQS) is an advanced rigging technique that binds a mesh to skeletal joints. Unlike the popular alternative, Linear Blend Skinning (LBS), DQS avoids the undesirable “candy-wrapper effect” and effectively simulates volume preservation. DQS is a powerful technique, but to get desirable results, it must be extended to meet the needs of production environments, and is therefore not a simple drop-in replacement for LBS. This paper presents an extension to DQS that successfully met the rigging requirements of Disney’s feature Frozen. In particular, DQS is configured with LBS to handle non-rigid transformations, hierarchies of differing joints, and arbitrary support joints.

Rigging Dual Quaternion
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