Modeling And Data Driven Parameter Estimation For Woven Fabrics

Modeling and Data-Driven Parameter Estimation for Woven Fabrics

Symposium on Computer Animation

David Clyde, Joseph Teran, Rasmus Tamstorf

In this paper we first present a new orthotropic hyperelastic constitutive model for woven fabrics. Next, we design an experimental protocol for characterizing real fabrics based on commercially available tests. Finally, we create a method for accurately fitting the material parameters to the experimental data. The last step is accomplished by solving inverse problems using a Catmull-Clark subdivision finite element discretization of the Kirchhoff-Love equations for thin shells. We are able to reproduce the nonlinear behavior corresponding to the captured data with a small number of parameters while maintaining all fundamental invariants from continuum mechanics. The resulting constitutive model can be used with any discretization, not just subdivision finite elements. We illustrate the process with results for five types of fabric and compare photo reference of the real fabrics against the simulated equivalents.

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